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We are very pleased that from September 2023 we will finally be able to offer the frequently requested further training to become a life design coach. Sebastian Kernbach and Petra Kipfelsberger combine the best of life design and coaching, scientifically sound and practice-oriented. This offering is in German for now but will offered soon in English as well. Register for the newsletter to be first to know.


Welcome to the Life Design Lab at the University of St. Gallen. We use the innovation method design thinking together with positive psychology, behavioral economics, and knowledge visualization to support individuals, groups and organizations to bring more fulfillment, meaningfulness and ultimately more of themselves into their lives. Our work is published in our books called “Life Design” and “Life Design Action Book” which are available at Amazon:

Our work is scientifically based and inspired by workshops with hundreds of participants and our work with organizations such as the United Nations, the agency Jung von Matt, McKinsey and Company, the Swiss Stock exchange, ETH Zurich, the University of St. Gallen, the African Doctoral Academy and others.

We aim to bring life design to the world to make people emotionally (more) healthy, create more sense and meaningfulness for themselves and others and bring more of themselves into their lives. As a lab, we also want to show the benefits of our approach and were able to show that life design supports the development of Psychological Capital, e.g. self-efficacy, optimism, hope for the future, and resilience.

With Life Design in the home office you will learn, among other things from an astronaut (link to the book part about the astronaut) and us, how you can structure your everyday life better, how you can better deal with your sleep and your energy and how you get support from your social network. In the life workshop section, you will find topics such as Design Your Sabbatical, Design Your Retirement or how you can recognize and support your strengths of character by watching movies.

We are happy to see you at some of our workshops, feel free to get the book and be in touch with us if you want a conversation about how life design can bring value in your organization:


We use design thinking to tackle the small and big challenges and visions in our lives. Design thinking has become very popular over the last decade with a strong focus on solving problems in organizations and society.

We take this approach to help individuals to innovate themselves, finding their own voice, and bring more of themselves into their life. The core of the design thinking approach that we apply is to find out first what is behind the challenge or dream and then build baby-steps with low-risks toward a potential solution.

We combine design thinking with the latest finding in positive psychology and the PERMA theory invented by Martin Seligman. We use interventions on empathy, character strengths and meaningfulness among others to better understand who we are and what drives us.

In addition, we use behavioral economics and particularly nudging to help alter our own behavior, especially when it comes to establishing new routines and habits.

Finally, the topic of knowledge visualization and making our thoughts visual is central to our approach and a key research and practice area of our institute at the University of St. Gallen. Visualizing knowledge enables insights, motivates, and engages the viewer, and helps to foster important relationships.


Corona Special


If you have lost your job due to Corona, we would like to offer you to participate in our webinar on the subject of life design free of charge in order to proactively design your home office situation during Corona and also your (professional) future. We hope to be able to make a small contribution to the current Corona situation. You can find more information about the workshop and registration in the following link. 

Design Your Home Office


We have recently started offering life design workshops that deal specifically with self-organization, productivity, and well-being in the home office. We work with organizations such as the information and technology agency of the United Nations, the International Red Cross and LVM Versicherung. It's about increasing productivity, maintaining well-being and supporting mental strength through a personal resilience portfolio.


Please feel free to sign up to our newsletter which will provide you with all relevant information concerning life design and the lab. We will send our newsletters rather rarely around 3-4 times per year. Please fill in your email address here:

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