“Design your Life”

20/21 June 2019

Are you looking for a change but wonder where to start? Do you find yourself in a hamster wheel and would like to find ways to get away from it? Or are you quiet hapoy but wonder what else is out there? Or do you have a strong vision and wonder how to get there? If any of those questions seem to apply to you, this workshop could be something for you. 

In our Life Design Workshop you will discover what you are really looking for in your (working) life and how you shape your future accordingly. You will meet other people who are looking for individual solutions to realize themselves, to get something started, to make sense or to develop further. Together we embark on a search for a fulfilled life that gives you joy and energy.


In order to find your individual solutions for a fulfilled life, we work with approaches from Design Thinking, Visual Thinking and Positive Psychology. We use creative and visual methods that enable you to develop your personal vision of the future beyond purely cognitive logic (rational pro-contra lists, decision matrix, economic considerations, etc.). Rather, we leave the well-established patterns of thinking, dead ends and one-way streets by means of creativity techniques. We create emotional experiences, give space to supposedly offside ideas and thus raise unconventional ideas for your future. Through empathy, inspiration and co-creation you will turn your ideas into prototypes, test them, modify them and optimize them in the following weeks.


After the workshop, you will

  • know your demands for a fulfilling life
  • have developed many ideas for activities that meet your needs
  • have taken steps to follow up some on your ideas
  • know what further measures you can take to make your wishes for a good life come true

In follow-up sessions, you will

  • be accompanied in further steps towards shaping your future
  • experience the value of peer feedback and build a network for life design

Benefits and Costs

  • 2 full workshop days in Zurich: 20/21 June 2019, 9 am to 5 pm
  • Location: Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8031 Zürich
  • 2 Follow-ups in Zurich à 1,5 h, appointments by arrangement
  • A model, methods and especially a mindset for working constructively towards the best possible life plan, even in later phases of life
  • Small group (8-16 persons) in creative workspace and relaxed atmosphere
  • Networking in Life Design Teams
  • Certificate of the University of St. Gallen
  • Introductory price 790 CHF (570 CHF workshop fee, plus 220 CHF conference fee incl. lunch, snacks + drinks during breaks)

Register via sebastian.kernbach@unisg.ch with your personal information: Name and Family Name (for your certificate), address and possibly organization/company (for the invoice) and the workshop date (17./18.5. in German or 20./21.6. in English)

Workshop Instructor

Dr. Sebastian Kernbach is Visiting Fellow at Stanford University where he teaches, researches and was trained by the Life Design Studio with Bill Burnett in „Designing your life“. He set up a “Life Design Team” in Zurich and brought the course from Stanford to the University of St.Gallen where he founded the Life Design Lab (www.lifedesignlab.ch). 

He lectures, consults and coaches individuals, teams and organizations on topics such as visual thinking, storytelling, creativity and designing your life. He works as lecturer, project manager and researcher at the Institute for Media and Communication Management at the University of St. Gallen and is a guest professor at the Central University of Beijing and the African Doctoral Academy in South Africa.